James Robert Steeves was the Founder and driving force of the Forest Foundation of New Brunswick. His vision was to improve wildlife and wildlife habitat in New Brunswick,and to encourage youth in all aspects of the out-of -doors.

Jim called himself an Albert County Boy and his heart was at his camp outside Elgin NB. It was there that he practiced what he preached -planting and improving habitat for wildlife and studying the results both on the ground and with trail camera surveys .

As well Jim was an avid hunter .His last trip was to Newfoundland last November where he shot a bull moose on the first day of the hunt. He chased it down a bog and through the edge of a lake,or Pond as the say over there . It was on his return that he got the bad news of his  recurring illness .

He did go to the Camp, but was not up to hunting .

Even during his last days he talked about the future of the Forest Foundation and gave directions and his thoughts as to its future . The Foundation was his brainchild and his baby. He had been involved in other organizations over the years that had similar aims ,but what Jim wanted was results for wildlife and wildlife habitat foremost .

That is why the primary mandate of the Foundation is the promotion of on the ground projects for wildlife and wildlife habitat .

As well Jim knew that the Youth of the province are the future of Wildlife Conservation.For that reason youth education in conservation and outdoor pursuits is paramount for the Foundation.

​Jim left us to soon and we miss him and his guidance.